IDF troops fighting COVID leave Bnei Brak after cases drop from 26,000 to just 28

Israel Defense Forces soldiers who have for many months been battling COVID-19 in Israel’s worst-hit city, Bnei Brak, leave the city due to a staggering decline in infection rates.

While at one point there were some 26,000 active cases in the ultra-Orthodox city, the number now stands at just 28, according to Channel 12 news.

That is thanks to the widespread vaccination campaign and likely aided by the many residents who were previously infected and are therefore immune.

Home Front Command troops have been sent to Bnei Brak during over the last year to coordinate and run test facilities as well as epidemiological investigations and more, and have been running a facility there since the second wave of infections last September.

Seven months later, they are out of work.

The IDF has held a ceremony to mark the occasion.