In interview, PM ally Hanegbi appears to say overhaul protests prevented dictatorship

In an interview set to air later today, National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi appears to say Israel’s anti-overhaul protest movement prevented Israel from sliding toward dictatorship.

In a promo for the Channel 12 interview, Hanegbi says “I was very surprised” by the public response to the government’s judicial shakeup plan.

“That’s why I was very glad when I understood that the protesters’ bleak forecasts simply weren’t going to come true. Which I’m sure they are happy about.”

Asked by the interviewer what forecasts he’s referring to, Hanegbi answers: “That we’re headed to a dictatorship.”

When the interviewer says this was due to the protests, Hanegbi seems to respond: “Exactly so. The protest movement was the most effective factor in stopping the original plans for judicial reform. That’s a fact.”

It is not immediately clear whether the promo’s editing accurately reflects Hanegbi’s position, which would be highly surprising for a longtime Likud stalwart and ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hanegbi has so far not commented on the matter.

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