Jordan plane landed in Israel because of bad weather

The emergency landing by a Jordan-bound plane at Ben Gurion today is attributed to inclement conditions in Amman.

The Airbus 320 could not land in the Jordanian capital due to poor visibility and and weather.

The official website of Queen Alia International Airport in Amman shows that many of the flights scheduled to land there in the past few hours have not done so.

Ben Gurion Airport says: “The plane that took off from Dubai could not land in Amman and requested a Tel Aviv landing. Due to reports that it was running out of fuel, we declared a state of emergency. The plane landed safely, refueled, and will return to Amman as soon as possible.”

Ynet tweeted an image apparently showing Ben Gurion airport staff awaiting the plane from Dubai, holding boxes of the Israeli candy Krembo.

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