Lapid accuses government of discriminating against IDF reservists

Sam Sokol is the Times of Israel's political correspondent. He was previously a reporter for the Jerusalem Post, Jewish Telegraphic Agency and Haaretz. He is the author of "Putin’s Hybrid War and the Jews"

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid accuses the government of discriminating “between blood and blood” after the Ministerial Committee for Legislation approves a Defense Ministry-backed bill raising the age at which IDF reservists can cease reporting for military duty.

“The reservists and taxpayers are collapsing and Netanyahu and the extremists put the burden on them and continue to evade responsibility, and smile,” he says in a statement.

The newly approved bill means additional service for those already in the army “while the government promotes a mass evasion law for ultra-Orthodox youth,” he continues — referring to coalition-backed legislation to lower the age at which yeshiva students are exempt from the draft.

Lapid calls on members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party to “stop the madness,” asking how they can support “this painful discrimination between blood and blood.”

“I support the reservists and their families. You are heroes and we will do everything to be worthy of your heroism. The public should receive an exemption from this wicked government,” he declares.

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