Law center that sued Airbnb celebrates making them ‘eat their words’

Despite no official word as yet coming from Airbnb on its decision to not enact a ban of settlement listings, an Israel-based law center is celebrating the victory, crediting its lawsuit against Airbnb with making the vacation rental site “eat their words.”

“This is a massive defeat for the BDS movement and other racists that seek to single out Jews for special treatment. We will continue to fight the enemies of Israel in court, wherever and whenever they arise,” the Shurat Hadin law center says in a statement.

The group had launched a lawsuit against Airbnb in US court last month on behalf of an Israeli user of the site.

The Yesha Council also lauds Airbnb “for deciding not to surrender to anti-Israeli forces.”

“We hope that they will not repeat this mistake again,” the umbrella settlement body says in a statement.

Channel 10 news notes that the decision from Airbnb is not a total reversal, but only a commitment to continue talks and not enact that settlement ban yet.

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