Mall owners vow not to implement new vaccination pass rules

Mall owners and others are rejecting new rules announced earlier in the day meant to restrict entry to vaccinated individuals only, describing the passes meant to differentiate between people who have gotten immunized via vaccination or infection and those who are not as a form of “labeling” that they will not abide.

The rules call for giving passes to move freely through the mall to only those fully vaccinated or recovered, while those without the pass can enter, but only to go to certain stores deemed essential.

Beyond vowing to challenge the rules in the High Court, mall owners and other businesses say they will not cooperate with the rules, nor will they have security guards check vaccination status.

“If you want someone to check people outside the malls, send the police, border police, special forces. We will not label people and we won’t have our security guards do it, we will serve anyone regardless of race, gender or label,” they say, according to Channel 13 news.

The rules are set to go into effect Friday.

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