Prominent doctor who killed wife found dead in jail cell

Dr. Giora Praff during a 2012 interview with Channel 1. (Screenshot: YouTube)
Dr. Giora Praff during a 2012 interview with Channel 1. (Screenshot: YouTube)

A man jailed for murdering his wife was found dead in his cell, the Israel Prison Service says.

The IPS says the death of Giora Praff at Nitzan Prison will be investigated as is standard in these cases.

Praff was jailed for life in March for the 2019 murder of his wife Esti Ahronovitz.

Praff (also known as Perry), who had a history of domestic abuse, shot his wife five times, including two shots to the back of her head as she lay on the floor.

The judges at Beersheba District Court determined that there were no mitigating circumstances for Praff’s actions and that therefore a life sentence was appropriate.

Praff was a well-known humanitarian doctor who took part in several international aid missions and was the first Israeli member of the Red Cross.

He was well regarded in Israel, the US, and other countries, but has confessed to domestic violence, and has been accused of stalking, assault, and harassment.

According to the indictment, Ahronovitz began taking legal action against Praff as part of a financial dispute over household expenses.

Esti Ahronovitz, whose husband is suspected of her murder on November 3, 2019 (Facebook)

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