Rivlin tells Macron Hezbollah making rockets in Beirut, says Israel ‘likely’ to respond

President Reuven Rivlin warns French President Emmanuel Macron that Israel could take military action against Hezbollah in Lebanon, saying the Iranian proxy group was secretly producing weapons in the capital city.

“If there is a threat emanating from Lebanon, we will not idly stand by,” Rivlin says at the Elysee Palace in Paris according to reports in Hebrew language media. “Lebanon bears sovereign responsibility for all Hezbollah action.”

“Hezbollah is producing precision rockets in the heart of Beirut Iranian support under the auspices of civilian activity,” he says.

“This activity will likely force us to respond, and, in doing so, drag the entire region into an escalation, which will harm Lebanon.”

“France is an influential power in our region and its understanding that Hezbollah is part of the overall Lebanese system is essential,” the president adds.

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