Shipment of Gaza aid donated by UAE leaves Larnaca port, source says

Aid shipments to Gaza from Cyprus resumed late yesterday, a Cypriot source says, with a ship loaded with aid donated by the United Arab Emirates making its way to the Strip.

A small cargo vessel left the port of Larnaca with humanitarian aid donated by the UAE, a Cypriot source says.

The World Central Kitchen NGO paused its aid shipments from Cyprus to review its activity in Gaza after an Israeli strike earlier this month killed seven workers during a mission coordinated with the IDF. The military has dismissed two officers and formally reprimanded senior commanders over the bombing, which it called a tragic mistake.

US troops have begun constructing a maritime pier off the coast of Gaza with the aim of speeding up the flow of humanitarian aid into the enclave when it becomes operational in May.

US President Joe Biden announced the construction of the pier in March as aid officials implored Israel to ease access for relief supplies into Gaza’s overland routes. Whether the pier will ultimately succeed in boosting humanitarian aid is unclear, as international officials warn of a risk of famine in northern Gaza.

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