Swirl of rumors surround efforts to extend truce

A senior diplomatic source tells the Ynet news site that negotiations on extending the temporary truce in Gaza have not included consideration of proposals for extending the pause beyond 10 days, but indicates Israel could be open to the idea.

“If there is a concrete proposal, the cabinet will consider it, but there hasn’t been anything like that. If we see it’s a serious proposal, we’ll look into it,” they say.

The truce is currently in its fifth day and slated to extend for a sixth.

They also indicate that Israel’s main goal, toppling Hamas rule, has not changed.

“If we can get as many hostages out as possible in 10 days, that’s great,” they say. “Nobody is forgetting the war’s goal and nobody will agree to something ridiculous like disarmament.”

“We already know how much international forces can be relied on,” they add.

Channel 12 news reports that Israel is expected to be presented with a proposal for all hostages to be freed in exchange for all Palestinian prisoners and an end to the war, a proffer that Jerusalem will reject.

“Our eye remains on the ball,” it quotes an Israeli source saying. “Bringing back the hostages and destroying Hamas military and governing capabilities are two complementary goals — one does not replace the other.”

Channel 13 news reports that Israel is interested in extending the current truce arrangement to get another 30 hostages out at least.

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