TV: Yamina plans to try and form government if Netanyahu fails

Yamina leader Naftali Bennett is planning to try and form a government with Yesh Atid’s Yair Lapid if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fails to cobble together a coalition in 28 days, Channel 13 reports, citing sources close to Bennett.

Lapid has offered that Bennett be first in a rotation of the premiership in any joint  government formed by their parties. But Bennett is reportedly seeking to wield outsized control within such a government, such as veto powers to avert legislation that counters his right-wing views — a demand opposed by centrist and left-wing parties.

Bennett has also said he’s open to negotiations with Netanyahu.

Neither Netanyahu nor his rivals have a path to a majority without the outside support of Arab parties.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, right, speaks with then-Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, March 4, 2020. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)