Video shows cop manhandling maskless teens, while failing to wear one himself

Video has emerged of a policeman in the northern city of Tiberias clashing with teens who were not wearing face masks — while failing to wear one himself.

Sunday’s incident evolved into a violent confrontation, with the cop seen manhandling one of the teens, as they question why he does not have a mask on.

In the video, a filming teen repeatedly asks the officer: “Why don’t you have a mask?” The policeman replies with “scram” and “get out of here.” He eventually dons a mask before appearing to assault the person filming, and then attempts to arrest another and push him into the squad car.

Police say the teens hurled rocks at the cop and “when he attempted to arrest one of them, the stone barrage intensified. The young man fled with the help of his friends who continued to hurl rocks and curse the team.”

They say one of the teens was later brought in for questioning.

But police say the policeman was also be fined for his failure to wear a mask.

Mask-wearing is currently mandatory in all public spaces as Israel attempts to emerge from a second-wave national lockdown. The fine for failing to do so stands at NIS 500 ($150).