Yamina says it rejected Likud offer to join government, prevent elections

The Yamina party claims that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered it several senior portfolios, aiming to have them join the coalition and extend the life of the beleaguered government. Yamina says it has rejected the proposal.

Reports say Netanyahu’s Likud offered Naftali Bennett’s party the defense portfolio and two more senior ministerial jobs, including transportation minister. Likud promised the coalition would serve its full four-year term and wouldn’t include Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party. Likud has claimed some members of that party are ready to jump ship and join its parliamentary bloc.

There has been no proposal for a power-sharing agreement similar to Netanyahu’s current deal with Gantz, the reports say.

Yamina — which is predicted to significantly boost its representation in the Knesset if elections are held — comments that it rejected the proposal outright. “We need snap elections, we will bring new leadership to Israel,” it says.