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Meretz MKs bust a move in new clip

The left-wing party’s lively new wedding-crashing campaign video goes viral, draws countless parodies

Meretz party's 2015 campaign video. (photo credit: YouTube screen capture)
Meretz party's 2015 campaign video. (photo credit: YouTube screen capture)

Days after voting to leave its Knesset slate largely unchanged, left-wing political party Meretz released its first official campaign video, in which the candidates crash a wedding, singing and dancing to the party’s new jingle: “A revolution with Meretz inside the government.”

Situated in what appears to be a thrift-shop-inspired loft, the clip starts off as a somber hipster-like wedding, with the bride and guests looking utterly bored.

Suddenly, the lights dim, and a procession of Meretz members stream in, led by an adrenalized party leader Zahava Gal-On grooving into the wedding.

“I want my Meretz inside the government,” the celebrating party members sing to an up-tempo beat. “We’ll rebuild a great new country.”

“Don’t complain, don’t whine, what was ruined can be fixed,” they go on,
“stop hating, let’s choose love!”

Gal-On even gets carried away with the festivities during the clip, with the usually reserved party head uncharacteristically downing a shot, a decision her facial expression reveals she immediately regretted.

“Everything is possible, it’s a matter of choice,” the jingle urges.

The video drew internet reactions and parodies almost as soon as it was released Thursday, some focusing on the politicians’ dancing (in)abilities, and some simply remixing the clip to pop hits.

“Meretz’s clip reveals: Ashkenazis can’t dance,” one twitter user wrote, in reference to the party members’ largely Ashkenazi heritage or at least the top five’s. Another announced that after watching the clip, she concluded that “Zahava Gal-On and [her] mom dance in the exact same way.”

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