Mobileye partners with fleets to collect street-mapping data in Europe, NYC

Mobileye partners with fleets to collect street-mapping data in Europe, NYC

Gett, Berkshire Hathaway, and New York car-leasing company to install sensors in vehicles, Israeli auto-tech firm announces at CES

An Accel Voyager integrated with Mobileye data (Photo credit: Courtesy)
An Accel Voyager integrated with Mobileye data (Photo credit: Courtesy)

Mobileye, a Jerusalem-based maker of automotive technology that was bought by Intel Corp. last year for $15.3 billion, said it has struck a series of partnerships with rideshare leaders, municipalities and governments that will enable the mapping of city streets around the world, including in London and New York.

The company made the announcement at the CES 2018 electronics show in Las Vegas, and said that its Mobileye 8 Connect technology – its next generation collision avoidance system — would be deployed in thousands of rental cars and taxis.

Mobileye 8 Connect is the latest innovation introduced by Mobileye Aftermarket, a division of Mobileye that offers Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that can be fitted into any existing vehicle.

Mobileye 8 Connect is capable of collecting data to make cities smarter and ready for autonomous driving. In the coming months, fleets equipped with the device will harvest information on city streets and infrastructure to create high definition crowdsourced maps, using Mobileye’s Road Experience Management (REM) technology, a key part of fully autonomous driving.

The new partnerships include a collaboration with Gett, an on-demand mobility company, which is expected to equip some 500 London black cabs with Mobileye 8 Connect.

Other collaborations include one with the city of Düsseldorf, which is expected to equip 750 vehicles with Mobileye 8 Connect, to test models of data collection and investigate the suitability of Düsseldorf’s existing infrastructure for autonomous vehicles and connected driving. In addition, Spain’s traffic directorate will collaborate with Mobileye to increase road safety and prepare Spain’s infrastructure and regulatory policy for autonomous vehicles.

And Buggy TLC Leasing,  the lessor of for-hire vehicles servicing popular ride-share apps such as Uber, is expected to outfit approximately 2,000 New York City-based vehicles with Mobileye’s technology, helping create a high definition map of New York City.

Also, as part of the collaborations, Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companya business insurance provider, is expected to equip some 1,000 to 2,000 trucks with Mobileye 8 Connect, to reduce damage and claims costs.

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