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Smuggled chicken tunnels into Gaza

KFC meals are making their way under the border from Egypt, and they’re only $30 a pop

KFC (illustrative image: CC BY-ND loop_oh, Flickr)
KFC (illustrative image: CC BY-ND loop_oh, Flickr)

They’ve been used to smuggle Iranian M-75 rockets, gasoline, cars, cement, cigarettes, lions, and any other day-to-day necessities Hamas wishes to bring in.

But it turns out that the hundreds of tunnels running under the southern border of the blockaded, Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip are also used to traffic in buckets – filled with steaming, crispy chicken nuggets, of course.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that the price of delicious Egyptian-made KFC – salads, apple pies, sandwiches, the works – has plummeted to within reach for some Gazans.

Reportedly, the al-Yamama company, on the other side of the border in Egypt, has been providing its finger lickin’ good services to denizens of the Strip with a hankering for contraband birds, carting full KFC meals 56 kilometers (35 miles) from Al-Arish in the Sinai and under the border for a tidy NIS 100 ($30), smuggling fee included.

Al-Yamama even has a Facebook page, the report said.

“All you need to have any KFC product is a short phone call and a few hours, then you can enjoy the great taste of fried chickens,” Gazan accountant Rafat Shororo was quoted as saying. “I just want it.”

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