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Model and musician Oren B. Segal is bursting onto the fashion scene. Sponsored content

Oren’s distinct style is also influenced by what he has seen from his travels to various countries around the globe.

Oren Segal (Courtesy)
Oren Segal (Courtesy)

Although trends play a significant role in fashion, it’s not its purpose. For many people, it’s a form of self-expression and individuality. This means that rather than wearing what’s considered “in,” some prefer clothes that express their distinctiveness. Among the countless people who have such a viewpoint about fashion is the up-and-coming fashion icon, Oren B. Segal.

Oren is a 22-year-old musician, fitness enthusiast, and fashion model based in New York City. He gained the attention of tens of thousands of people on social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram, for his unique and appealing sense of style. He believes that fashion should be more about wearing what you want rather than what’s popular, and he reflects this principle in his life.

According to Oren, wearing something just because society dictates that it looks good is limiting, therefore contradicting the essence of fashion. In his case, he dresses up in whatever he wants, and however he wishes to. This approach makes him feel more like himself and less than everybody else. This feeling of freedom in expressing his individuality in fashion made him love the industry more.

Oren’s distinct style is also influenced by what he has seen from his travels to various countries around the globe. Experiencing the differences in cultures and clothing certainly did affect him as a lover of fashion. His travels made him realize how diverse fashion is and that the more unique the style is, the more notable and appealing it is to the eyes.
This individuality that Oren embraces through his style gave him a career in the industry. He received many offers as a freelance model, allowing him to grow his portfolio. More opportunities came his way, and he enthusiastically embraced them. Ultimately, all his efforts led to him successfully launching his very own personal brand, which he embodies on social media.

For quite some time, his brand did quite well, and perhaps it would have continued if not for the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The worldwide phenomenon brought many challenges and changes, not only in fashion but in almost every industry. Nevertheless, Oren didn’t forsake following the path of doing what’s close to his heart. Instead, he persevered and worked even harder to prevail against all odds.

Currently, Oren’s reputation as a model is steadily improving, and his fashion brand is also progressively making its way to becoming a household name. Soon, some of the most renowned modeling agencies, photographers, and designers will be working hand-in-hand with his brand.

Oren’s conviction is that fashion means self-expression; he wants to make people embrace their personal style instead of following the latest trends. He has made it his mission to break the stigma that unique means out of style. Oren shows people that even if you’re not wearing what everyone else considers fashionable, you can still rock your look. After all, you can be more eye-catching when you’re being yourself.

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