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The perfect family vacation with the right travel agency

Travel to Israel in 2014 with Gil Travel and enjoy a specially tailored experience

The Lieberman family (photo: Courtesy)
The Lieberman family (photo: Courtesy)

One of the most special experiences you can give your family is a trip to Israel. To do it right, choose a travel management company that specializes in trips to Israel and knows this beautiful country inside and out.

When planning your tour, many elements must come together to make a suitable itinerary.

You’ll want the right hotel. You’ll be confident you’ve made the best choice with a travel agent who’s visited all of the hotel options and can recommend one based on amenities, atmosphere, location and price. Once you’ve narrowed it down, you’ll want the travel agency that has long-standing relationships with the hotel managers as they’ve negotiated the best rates. These relationships mean you’ll likely be spoiled with upgrades and more.

You’ll want the perfect tour guide. One who is pleasant, knowledgeable, vibrant and talkative (but not too talkative). One who makes the places you visit come alive with stories and can capture the attention of all those listening, no matter their age. One who knows how to be dynamic and flexible and who can quickly gauge your interests and focus on that.

Planning your trip for a special event like a bar/bat mitzvah? You’ll want an itinerary that’s right for the kids. You’ll want an agent that knows the special spots to make the ceremony unforgettable. And, of course, you’ll want an agent who knows where to hold the party, will help you plan it and ease all the worries you are likely to have when planning an event far from home.

Don’t forget about the flights. You can, of course, try booking your flights online. But when there is a weather delay or a change in plans — or you just want to be able to talk to a live person who’s there to cater to you and your needs — you’ll want the agency that has contacts with all the airlines and can get you on the flight you want, and of course at the same price you’ll pay online.

You want to know you’re taken care of. In the best hands. Awaiting a truly special experience, planned carefully with attention to every detail — and this is exactly what Gil Travel can offer you.

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Gil Travel was founded almost 40 years ago with the goal of sending families and Jewish organizations to Israel. Today, Gil Travel is a leading Israel travel agency with expertise in creative programming, logistics and pricing. It’s a family business, dedicated to providing personal attention to find the perfect guide, hotels, flights, venues and more for your next vacation to Israel.