Stun grenade said thrown into Palestinian elementary school

Stun grenade said thrown into Palestinian elementary school

Residents say an army jeep pulled up, and a group of soldiers lobbed the device over the fence; IDF says it is ‘unaware’ of the incident

Judah Ari Gross is The Times of Israel's military correspondent.

Israeli security forces lightly injured a Palestinian teacher on Tuesday when they lobbed a stun grenade into an elementary school in the West Bank village of Husan, according to residents.

In a video filmed just after the flash-bang grenade was thrown into the al-Sadeeq Elementary School for Boys, the teacher appears dazed and clutches his head, as screaming children are herded inside the building.

An army jeep pulled up, a group of soldiers got out and lobbed the stun grenade into the school, according to a resident who asked not to be named.

The injured teacher was standing next to the grenade when it hit and was dazed by the blast. He was identified by the school as Muhammad Za’oul.

The stun grenade scorched the school’s tile floor and pieces of the device were recovered from the scene by locals.

The army was “unaware” of the incident in the elementary school and had received no reports of injured Palestinians, a spokesperson said.

Outside the village, however, a group of Palestinians had thrown rocks at IDF troops, and the soldiers had used riot dispersal equipment, including flash bang grenades, to clear away the crowd, the army official said.

Husan is located just across Route 375 from the predominantly ultra-Orthodox Beitar Illit settlement, west of Bethlehem.

The Palestinian village overlooks the road and has been the source of many rock and Molotov cocktail throwing attacks against Israeli vehicles.

On Monday night, IDF forces arrested a Husan resident for throwing rocks along the highway. He was identified as 14-year-old Ibrahim Abu Yabis by Palestinian media.

Another 14 Palestinians were arrested in the West Bank overnight for rock and Molotov cocktail attacks against Israeli civilians and security forces. Two others were also arrested for alleged ties with the Hamas terror group.

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