By Tuesday night the elections will have become history and it’ll be all over except for the counting. With the help of several apps and websites, you can keep track of the voting results as they come in — and finally figure out which pollsters are accurate and which don’t make the cut.

The Central Elections Committee will be updating the results of the elections in real time on the web (Hebrew). According to the committee, the results will be updated every 10 minutes or so, broken down geographically. The site also features a helpful video that explains the Israeli voting system.

Israelis have been inundated with survey data for months, with new statistics coming out in newspapers, on television and on the Internet at least two or three times a week. Many of the results had significant variance in how many Knesset seats each party could expect in Israel’s parliamentary system.

Fortunately, there is now an app that has all the poll data recorded since the beginning of the electoral season. Called “Elections 2013” (for iPhone and Android, Hebrew only), the app also lets users “vote,” conducting its own unscientific survey before the elections. This one won’t be updated to show the real-time action, but it has faithfully recorded every poll released by the major Israeli polling organizations (there are no fewer than 11) since the last week of November.

With this app, you can compare the tally on a week-by-week basis, or map the trends of all polls, or of those by a specific research institute. Politicians are supposed to be accountable to the people at election time — and now, there’s an app that will make the pollsters accountable too.