The day before the United States elections, new polls show President Barack Obama with a slight lead over GOP challenger Mitt Romney: A Washington Post-ABC News poll of likely voters gave Obama 50 percent against Romney’s 47%, and a Reuters/Ipsos poll gave Obama 48% to Romney’s 46%.

While both polls have margins of error of 2.5-3.5 percentage points, indicating that the race is still essentially too close to call, the Washington Post-ABC poll revealed that 55% of likely voters think Obama will emerge victorious, with just 35% predicting a win for Romney and 10% unsure.

The Reuters poll gave Obama a slight advantage in several important swing states as well. In crucial Ohio, Obama was at 50% to Romney’s 46%, 48% against 46% in Colorado, and 48% against 47% in Virginia.

Obama needs a victory in just a few swing states to ensure his victory. However, the Reuters poll gave Romney a 1% advantage (48% to 47%) in populous Florida, which Obama carried in 2008.