Fifteen Gazans accused of spying for Israel were rounded up in an operation launched Wednesday morning by Hamas’s internal security wing.

The news came on the heels of a bilateral ceasefire between Jerusalem and the rulers of the Strip.

According to sources within Hamas, the suspected collaborators were caught by means of technology that exposed phone lines on which informants spoke with Shin Bet agents.

A Hamas security official speaking with the pro-Hamas website al-Majd said that the suspected collaborators were officially charged at a Gazan courthouse and would stand trial.

The military wing of Hamas reported on its website that the identities of the 15 suspects would not be released and that their families would not come to harm.

Israeli intelligence services rely, in part, on the work of informants to provide intelligence and pinpoint the locations of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists.

Hamas warned other Gazans against collaborating with the Jewish state and threatened to catch anyone suspected to be in cahoots with Israeli authorities.

The sentence for collaboration is death, typically carried out in public forums in order to dissuade others from working against the Gazan regime.

Last week, Hamas gunmen executed 22 suspected collaborators in a string of bloody raids conducted all over the Strip, alleging that some were caught with weapons, cellphones and SIM cards from the Israeli cellular provider Orange.

Over 50 alleged informants have been killed since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge last month.