A high-ranking Iranian official threatened Friday to destroy Israel should the US ever attack the Islamic Republic.

Masoud Jazayeri, deputy chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, added that after the Iranian regime was done wiping the Jewish state off the map, it would turn its armies against the US.

“They [the US] know that aggression against the Islamic Republic of Iran would mean annihilation of Tel Aviv and spread of war into the United States,” Jazayeri said, according to the semi-official Fars News Agency.

Jazayeri said that US President Barack Obama was a fool for stating that the US was still considering taking military action against Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Iranian Brig. Gen Masoud Jazayeri (photo credit: image capture from YouTube video uploaded by NTDSpanish)

Iranian Brig. Gen Masoud Jazayeri (photo credit: image capture from YouTube video uploaded by NTDSpanish)

“Had the US and its allies the capability to attack Iran they would not hesitate a moment to carry out their barbaric act,” the Iranian general asserted.

“Of course, it is surprising that Obama is not embarrassed to rehash his empty words,” he said.

Jazayeri further stated that he believes the “empire of money and weapons” is nearing collapse.

In his foreign policy address this week, Obama reiterated that the US reserved “all options” for thwarting Iran’s nuclear program, but was relatively upbeat on a possible diplomatic solution. “The odds of success are still long, and we reserve all options to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” Obama said at West Point. “But for the first time in a decade, we have a very real chance of achieving a breakthrough agreement – one that is more effective and durable than what would be achieved through the use of force.”

Under an interim deal penned in November, Iran agreed to curb parts of its nuclear program for six months in exchange for limited relief from crippling economic sanctions. The agreement came into effect on January 20.

However, in a January interview, Obama maintained that even after the deal was signed, all options — including a potential military strike — remained on the table.

Earlier this year, Jazayeri called Obama a “low-IQ US president,” whose threats are oft-cited punchlines in the Islamic Republic, particularly among children.

On Thursday, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander Hossein Salami claimed Washington’s influence in the Middle East was growing weaker and that the era of a “global US empire” was coming to an end.

A week beforehand, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claimed the US was angered by Iran’s opposition to “Western hegemony” and the “colonization” of Middle Eastern countries.

The US “becomes confused when a certain people in an important country with a very rich history and unique characteristics stands up to this ugly phenomenon of dominating [countries],” Khamenei said during a ceremony at an Iranian military facility, according to a translation provided by the Middle Eastern Media Research Institute.

“This is what angers the US, this is what unites the arrogant countries against Iran.”

The supreme leader assured his audience that Iran would not be deterred by Western threats, and would continue to extend the reach of its influence throughout the globe.

“The [US] got angry, so let them,” he said “Let them die in their anger.”

Marissa Newman contributed to this report.