The founder of a multi-million dollar military supplies company, who made headlines by throwing a $10 million dollar bat mitzva party that included performances by top pop artists, was sentenced to 17 years in prison for his part in a $200 million dollar fraud.

David H. Brooks, who established DHB industries, was accused of using company funds to pay for, among other things, plastic surgery for his wife, a $101,000 belt buckle, and leatherbound invitations for his son’s bar-mitzva, Gawker reported on Sunday.

In 2005, Brooks shelled out millions on a lavish party for his daughter’s bat mitzva that had performances from Aerosmith, 50 Cent, and Tom Petty.

Brooks reportedly made millions of dollars by falsely inflating the price of the body armor products that his company supplied to the US military and was found guilty of insider trading, fraud and obstruction of justice in 2010. Brooks’s bail was revoked after it emerged that secreted millions of dollars in cash to safe deposit boxes in San Marino and London, that, according to the report, were spirited away in gift bags from the bat mitzva. The mogul also allegedly tried to obtain drugs from his racehorses’ vet for “memory erasing” drugs to be used on government witness.

Along with the long sentence Brooks was also ordered to pay a $8.7 million fine and give up around $65 million in profits he made from illegal activities.