President Shimon Peres urged tolerance and rejected discriminatory behavior in his traditional Rosh Hashanah message delivered Sunday.

“Don’t put up with racism or violence of any kind, with religious or political extremism, or discrimination based on race or gender,” Peres told the Israeli public.

The president advised law enforcement authorities to deal with any such occurrences but, most importantly, to do so while also educating toward tolerance, equality, respect, and mutual acceptance.

Turning to Israel’s neighbors, Peres stressed the importance of maintaining the peace with Egypt and Jordan and expressed his confidence that in the coming year Israel will find a way to renew negotiations with the Palestinians.

Addressing the Iranian threat, Peres said that Israelis have overcome difficult situations in the past and “I am confident that we have the skills and ability to strike and beat any enemy today too.”

“Israel is a country for hopes not fears,” said Peres.

The tech-savvy president also posted a video message to his thousands of Facebook friends.

“Peace is the greatest blessing to our children,” Peres said.

Peres asked his followers to pray for a year of tranquility, understanding, and creativity within the Jewish world, the Middle East and worldwide.