Australian police charged three people Saturday over an anti-Semitic attack on five people in Bondi, Sydney in the late hours of Friday night.

Police said the five — four men, aged 66, 48, 39 and 27, and a woman, 62 — were walking from synagogue in the eastern Sydney suburb late Friday when a group of eight young men began shouting insults at them. Police said the comments were of a “derogatory” nature, according to The Australian daily.

The verbal assault soon turned physical and the five suffered injuries ranging from a concussion to broken nose and lacerations. They were taken to hospital for treatment.

Two 17-year-olds and a 23-year-old were arrested at the scene while the others allegedly fled. The teenagers were denied bail and are due to appear in children’s court on Sunday. The 23-year-old was released on bail and will appear in court in December.

St. Vincent’s Hospital spokesman David Faktor told ABC News that the victims told him it was an unprovoked attack and they were targeted because they were Jewish.

“You certainly don’t come to Bondi and expect that,” Faktor was quoted by ABC News as saying. “Maybe in Germany in the 1930s and Russia in the 1970s but, certainly in Sydney, Australia, Bondi, you just don’t expect an unprovoked attack.”

“Violence of this kind and, in particular, racist violence, anti-Semitic violence, is completely unacceptable in our society,” Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull told the Nine Network, quoted in The Australian. “We should have zero tolerance,” he added.