The United Nations has not assimilated the lessons of the Holocaust, Israeli ambassador Ron Prosor said on Monday at a special UN ceremony in New York commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“The UN marks the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, but the hatred that is disseminated by governments only shows that the organization has yet to internalize the lessons of the Holocaust,” Prosor said. “Nearly 70 years since the end of World War II, we are still witnesses to the phenomena of racism and anti-Semitism that rears its head around the world.”

Prosor also accused the Palestinian Authority and Hamas of perpetuating anti-Jewish propaganda.

Anti-Semitic sentiment is rampant in textbooks, religious sermons, and political speeches around the world, Prosor said. In the Palestinian Authority, “children learn that the lives of Jews are worth less,” he continued.

Prosor went on to list the grievances perpetrated by Hamas in the Gaza Strip to demonize the Jewish state and deny the Holocaust.

The incitement in Gaza is proclaimed publicly, Prosor said, on podiums, on TV, and at cultural events. He also maintained that similar messages were aired throughout the Arab world.

Prosor’s statements echo reports published by Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz in early January decrying incitement in Palestinian textbooks and media.

The ambassador concluded his speech by praising Jewish resilience and emphasizing the importance of a self-reliant Israel, stressing that a “strong and thriving” Jewish state served as “a testament to the triumph of the human spirit.”

“The State of Israel is the only guarantee that the future fate of the Jewish people will be held in our own hands,” he said.