Before truce, IDF destroys Hamas tunnel under Shifa hospital, completes new deployment

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

Shortly before the ceasefire commenced, the IDF demolished a Hamas tunnel discovered under Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital, as well as completed its deployment on the ceasefire lines.

In a statement, it says the 36th Division and soldiers of the elite Yahalom combat engineering unit destroyed the tunnel under Shifa, as well as other entrances in the area.

The IDF says that over the last day, up until the 7 a.m. truce, it continued to strike Hamas targets across the Gaza Strip, searched for the terror group’s infrastructure, and clashed with operatives.

In the last hour, the IDF says it has completed its “operational deployment on the truce lines.”

A video published by the IDF shows the tunnel at Shifa being destroyed, as well as several other recent strikes in Gaza.

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