GOP lawmakers ask Trump to deescalate violence: ‘This is Banana Republic crap’

Republican lawmakers are increasingly calling on President Donald Trump to act to deescalate the violent protests at the US Capitol by his supporters angry about his election loss.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says he spoke with the president earlier today and told him to make a statement to “make sure that we can calm individuals down.”

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio tweets that “it is crucial you help restore order by sending resources to assist the police and ask those doing this to stand down.”

Republican Representative Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey tells The Associated Press that while he sympathizes with the protesters’ position, they shouldn’t get violent, and it would be “nice” if Trump calls on them to “protest in a peaceful way in an appropriate spot, where you belong, where you should be.”

Many Republicans had backed Trump’s false claims of widespread voter spread to explain away his defeat to President-elect Joe Biden.

Republican US Rep. Mike Gallagher, of Wisconsin, posts a video message urging Trump to “call it off.”

“This is Banana Republic crap that we’re watching right now,” says Gallagher, who had spoken out against objections from fellow Republicans to certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College vote.