IDF drops leaflets in Syrian Golan after reportedly bombing area

Judah Ari Gross is The Times of Israel's religions and Diaspora affairs correspondent.

The Israel Defense Forces drops leaflets in the Syrian Golan Heights, accusing the Syrian military of working on behalf of the Hezbollah terror group, hours after Israeli helicopters reportedly bombed targets in the area controlled by the Iran-backed militia.

“Stop cooperating with the Syrian and Lebanese personnel of Hezbollah. Otherwise you will have no peace of mind,” the IDF warns.

The leaflets, marked with the symbol of the IDF’s Golan Division, explicitly name Syrian Brig. Gen. Hussein Hamoush of the Syrian First Division’s 90th Brigade as working on behalf of Hezbollah and the head of the terror group’s operations on the Golan, al-Hajj Hashim.

“We note in particular the Brig. Gen. Hussein Hamoush, commander of Brigade 90. And he is among those who have sold their consciences and their homeland at the cheapest of prices in return for aid for Hezbollah to camouflage their image among their masters, ignoring the general interest and your safety,” the leaflet reads.

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