In jab at Netanyahu, Labor chief Michaeli asks if he’ll fire Gallant again over comments on postwar Gaza

Sam Sokol is the Times of Israel's political correspondent. He was previously a reporter for the Jerusalem Post, Jewish Telegraphic Agency and Haaretz. He is the author of "Putin’s Hybrid War and the Jews"

Labor party chief Merav Michaeli slams Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following a public feud between him and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant surrounding the postwar governance of the Gaza Strip.

“Once again, Gallant again warns Netanyahu about the devastating consequences of his actions and Bibi doesn’t like what he hears,” she says. “Is he just going to fire him again?”

Netanyahu announced he was firing Gallant last March over his criticism of the government’s judicial overhaul — before reversing course two weeks later under intense public pressure.

Responding to Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s declaration that he would “not allow” him to impose “civil or military governance of Gaza after Hamas” on Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that he is “not ready to replace Hamas with Fatahstan.”

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