Israel slams Colombia, Chile for recalling ambassadors, not condemning Hamas

Israel’s Foreign Ministry slams Colombia and Chile for recalling their ambassadors in protest of Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza even as their citizens were murdered in the October 7 terror attack.

“Citizens of Colombia, Chile and other Latin American countries are also among the victims of the heinous attack,” says Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Haiat. “The State of Israel is fighting a war that was imposed on it; a war against a terrorist organization that uses the citizens of the Gaza Strip as human shields.”

Haiat says that Israel “calls on Colombia and Chile to explicitly condemn the Hamas terrorist organization, which slaughtered and abducted babies, children, women and the elderly. Israel expects Colombia and Chile to support the right of a democratic country to protect its citizens, and to call for the immediate release of all the abductees.”

Overnight both Colombia and Chile recalled their ambassadors to the Jewish state, accusing it of “massacres” and violating human rights.

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