Meretz chief vows to fight against PM’s ‘brazen’ court override bill

Meretz chair Tamar Zandberg, hosting her first public party faction meeting as new elected leader, vows to block proposed legislation that could curb the activities of the Supreme Court.

“In the previous Knesset session, the police and the prosecution were put to the stake, this time it is the Israeli legal system,” she says, referring to a coalition bill that would quash the Supreme Court’s ability to strike down unconstitutional Knesset legislation. “We will not let them harm Israeli democracy.”

Zandberg says that the legislation, as well as other bills on the table during the Knesset summer session which begins today, is the fruit of a unstable government that continues to serve despite corruption allegations into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“The current wave of legislation is the outcome when you have a prime minister facing police recommendations for bribery indictment who is so brazen as to try and take hold of the Israeli rule of law,” she charges.

— Raoul Wootliff

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