Netanyahu slams ‘failed experiment’ government, moments before Knesset set to disperse

Benjamin Netanyahu speaks in the Knesset ahead of a vote to dissolve parliament, June 30, 2022. (Screenshot)
Benjamin Netanyahu speaks in the Knesset ahead of a vote to dissolve parliament, June 30, 2022. (Screenshot)

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu slams the government, moments before the Knesset is set to disperse and head to a new round of elections.

“In the past year I have listened to the voices of your heart, I have heard about your problems and troubles,” Netanyahu says in the plenum hall, addressing Israeli citizens.

“I also self-reflected. I learned a lot, a lot. Everyone who listens to the citizens of Israel sees that something fundamental has gone wrong in the past year in our country,” Netanyahu says.

“Personal security was undermined, national honor was humiliated, fear of our enemies increased, Israeli flags were removed and PLO flags were raised,” he says, referring to the Palestinian flag, which lawmakers recently voted to ban at state-funded institutions.

“The cost of living is hitting us all in the pocket, with fuel rising again this morning, with mortgages, with food, with electricity. [The cost of] every Israeli’s shopping basket breaks all-time records, and there is no government to take care of it,” Netanyahu says. “In the schools and kindergartens, endless strikes… Ben Gurion Airport is collapsing… The general feeling is that the state is being wiped out under our feet…. It’s a colossal failure by a government that has no vision… and no capacity to act.”

“You promised change, talked about healing, did an experiment, and the experiment failed. This is what happens when you take fake right-wing and the extreme left, mix it with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Joint List, that’s what you get. That’s exactly what the upcoming elections are about,” he says.

“Will there again be a failed Lapid government, dependent on the Muslim Brotherhood, the Joint List, and supporters of terrorism, or a broad and strong national government headed by us that will return to Israel the pride, strength, and hope,” Netanyahu continues.

“The only government Lapid can muster is with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Joint List… It’s already locked in.”

“We are the only alternative: a strong, stable, responsible national government. A government that will restore national respect to the citizens of Israel. My friends and I are determined to get Israel back on track to success as we did in the best decade in the country’s history, before the last year’s failed experiment,” he adds.

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