Netanyahu website, Facebook page targeted by hackers

The group of hackers calling themselves Anonymous Sudan claims to have taken down the personal website of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The website indeed appears to be knocked offline briefly, seemingly the result of a DDoS attack, a fairly rudimentary method for disabling access to a website for a short period.

Anonymous Sudan is thought to be closely linked or synonymous with Russian hacking collective Killnet.

In recent days, Israeli sites have been repeatedly targeted by the group, which claimed to take down the Mossad’s website earlier this week and again Wednesday afternoon. Earlier this month, the group said it disabled several banking and other Israeli sites, timed to coincide with Iran marking its annual day of protests against the Jewish state.

Netanyahu’s Facebook page is also briefly hacked so that it shows a video clip of a mosque with praying in Arabic heard, the Ynet news site reports. According to the outlet, hackers used a Facebook feature that allows collaboration between pages in order to break into the page without taking it over.

Channel 12 news reports that some of the content on the page is replaced with Persian writing.

The Shin Bet is investigating.

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