Norway, Ireland expected to announce recognition of Palestinian state later today

OSLO – Norway’s government is expected to announce today that the Nordic country recognizes an independent Palestinian state, public broadcaster NRK and daily Aftenposten report, citing unnamed sources.

Norway’s foreign ministry does not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Irish government will also announce its recognition of a Palestinian state, according to comments from a source familiar with the matter yesterday.

European Union members Ireland, Spain, Slovenia and Malta have indicated in recent weeks that they plan to make the recognition, arguing a two-state solution is essential for lasting peace in the region.

The United States has long opposed Palestinian efforts to unilaterally secure statehood status, arguing that the goal should be achieved through direct negotiations with Israel.

Washington has also said that the Palestinian Authority needs to undergo significant reforms before it’s recognized as a state. Ramallah has long been marred by allegations of corruption and mismanagement.

Times of Israel staff contributed to this report. 

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