Palestinians record 2,884 new daily COVID cases, as outbreak worsens

The West Bank and Gaza Strip have seen 2,884 new coronavirus infections over the past 24 hours, according to the Palestinian Authority Health Ministry.

Both Palestinian areas have seen a major surge in coronavirus cases over the past few weeks. Relatively few Palestinians have been vaccinated — less than 5% in total — in contrast with over 65% of Israelis.

The West Bank currently has around 14,403 active cases, down from previous weeks that saw infections peak at around 20,000. However, high numbers of tests continue to come back positive in Palestinian Authority areas, indicating that the virus is likely spreading widely undetected.

In Gaza, the situation is direr; some 1,932 cases were recorded in the blockaded coastal enclave over the past 24 hours alone. Around 35% of coronavirus tests came back positive.

Officially, there are 16,845 active coronavirus infections in Gaza. But health officials in the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry estimate that the true number of infections is more than five times that number.