PM in Netherlands: We stand together against terror

Israel and the Netherlands “stand together” against terrorism and tyranny, Netanyahu tells reporters in The Hague after a meeting with his Dutch counterpart.

“There is a fateful battle that is raging today in the entire world, between the forces of peace and the forces of terror, between the forces of democracy and the force of tyranny, between modernity and medievalism,” he says. “Israel and the Netherlands stand together for peace, democracy and modernity. We stand together against terror tyranny and medievalism.”

The PM also warns that jihadist groups in the Middle East are extending their reach into Europe, which could have an impact on the number of refugees on the Continent.

“Radical Islamist terrorist are spreading murder and misery across the Middle East and now deep into Europe as well,” he says. “If militant Islam is not stopped at the Middle East, the refugee crisis will only get worse.

As such, Netanyahu says, “all civilized nations must band together to defeat this scourge in Syria and Iraq. But if we don’t also band together to defeat militant Islam in other parts of the Middle East, more will die, and millions more will flee their homes. Where will they go? One place – Europe.”

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