Poll finds Labor-Hatnua leading

A new poll published by the Knesset Channel finds the Zionist Camp winning 25 seats to Likud’s 23. The Knesset channel poll gives the joint Labor-Hatnua list one seat less than a Channel 2 poll from Monday.

Jewish Home wins 15 seats in the new survey, Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid wins 11 (two more than in Monday’s Channel 2 survey). Moshe Kahlon’s Kulanu wins 8 seats, UTJ, Shas win 7 (the same as in the Channel 2 poll). Yisrael Beytenu wins 6 seats only, one less than Monday’s poll. Meretz wins 6 seats in both polls.

The new united Arab list wins 12 seats, as in Monday’s poll.

55% of the poll’s 536 respondents say they believe the expansive coverage of alleged misbehavior by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife Sara is an attempt to politically harm the prime minister, while 39% of respondents say the coverage is legitimate and has no ulterior motives.

74% of respondents who intend to vote for Labor say they are against a unity government, while among Likud voters, only 57% oppose a unity coalition.

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