Rabbi condemned for blaming virus on homosexuals

The Anti-Defamation League is condemning remarks by Rabbi Meir Mazuz blaming gay pride parades for the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Rabbi Meir Mazuz attends a press conference of the Yahad political party in Bnei Brak, December 25, 2014. (Yaakov Naumi/Flash90)

“It is regrettable that in times like these when the whole world comes together to eradicate coronavirus, Rabbi Mazuz finds it appropriate to blame the virus’ outbreak on the LGBTQ community. We harshly condemn his statements and urge him to apologize,” the ADL’s Israel branch says in a statement.

The modern Orthodox Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah group also condemns Mazuz’s remarks.

“Using this time of need to incite against the LGBT community is something that cannot be done. Trying to get people to return to religion cannot come at the expense of harming others,” it says in a statement.

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