Video details alleged contract between PM, wife, giving her power over top posts

A video making waves on social media in the past day claims a legal contract between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara stipulates that she must sign off on appointments of the heads of Mossad, Shin Bet and the Israeli military.

In the video, David Arzi, former vice president of commercial and civil aviation at Israel Aerospace Industries, says he saw the clauses of the contract. Arzi says he was allowed to read the contract in 1999 by Netanyahu’s longtime lawyer David Shimron.

Two lie detector tests taken by Arzi have found him to be telling the truth.

According to Arzi, the contract includes the prime minister promising that any trip with an overnight stay will include his wife, and that she is permitted to take part in top-secret meetings.

The contract further makes various stipulations that give Sara major control over the couple’s finances.

If the prime minister breaches the contract, his wife will be given ownership of the couple’s entire possessions, Arzi says.

Netanyahu’s office has strongly denied the claims, saying they are “a complete and recycled lie that will be handled legally.” Shimron has also said Arzi is lying. He says no such contract exists and never did, and states he will sue Arzi for defamation.

Arazi has suggested he and Shimron take a polygraph test together to see who is telling the truth.