No-show neo-Nazi loses libel case to Muslim-American radio host

Dean Obeidallah successfully sues Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin for labeling him ‘mastermind’ of UK terror attack

Founder and operator of The Daily Stormer website, Andrew Anglin. (Wikimedia Commons via JTA)
Founder and operator of The Daily Stormer website, Andrew Anglin. (Wikimedia Commons via JTA)

CLEVELAND — A Muslim-American radio host and comedian received a court judgment in his favor in his federal lawsuit against a neo-Nazi website publisher Tuesday because the defendant never responded to the Ohio case in court.

Dean Obeidallah accused The Daily Stormer’s publisher, Andrew Anglin, of falsely labeling him as a terrorist who masterminded the deadly terror attack bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England last year.

In his suit, the radio host claimed he had received death threats after Anglin posted a fake news article with several doctored Twitter screen captures which appeared to have come from Obeidallah’s Twitter account, tricking readers into believing he took responsibility for the May 22, 2017, terrorist attack at the concert.

One of the fake tweets read, “Safely now amongst my ummah in Syria, I am now able to confirm that I personally planned the Manchester bombing by the grace of Allah, Most Exalted, Most Merciful.”

In this June 25, 2015, photo, radio host and comedian Dean Obeidallah speaks at a news conference in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews) reported neither Anglin nor any attorney for him responded, so the court entered a finding of default Tuesday. Obeidallah’s attorneys said they had tried unsuccessfully to reach or locate Anglin or his legal representative through emails, private investigators and notices in a Columbus-area legal publication.

Obeidallah, who is of Palestinian and Italian descent, didn’t request a specific amount of damages. In that situation, judges typically have a hearing to determine the amount.

No such hearing has yet been scheduled.

After his victory, Obeidallah said on Twitter that he sued the neo-Nazi website in order to show that minorities will not remain silent.

“On behalf of every other Muslim, every African-American or Jew they demonized, none of us are going to be silent,” he tweeted.

Anglin’s site takes its name from Der Stürmer, a newspaper that published Nazi propaganda. The site includes sections called “Jewish Problem” and “Race War.”

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