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14 Best Seed Banks in 2024: Buy Weed Seeds Legally in the USA

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Growing weed takes patience and know-how, so starting off with quality cannabis seeds is the best place to begin. Otherwise you could end up with low-quality duds that produce mediocre weed, or no weed at all.

What’s the fun in that?

The best way to find high-quality marijuana seeds is to compare company products and real user reviews. We did the hard part for you! Listed below are the top seed banks that ship to the U.S. and all the details to get you started on growing your own green.

14 Best Seed Banks: First Look

  1. Best seed bank overall  – Seed Supreme
  2. Great germination guarantee – I Love Growing Marijuana
  3. Amazing loyalty program – Homegrown Cannabis Co
  4. Works with reputable breeders – Seedsman
  5. Oldest (known) marijuana seed company – MSNL
  6. Discreet U.S. shipping in stealthy packaging – Crop King Seeds USA 
  7. Premium genetics – Blimburn Seeds
  8. Cheapest deals on cannabis seeds – Rocket Seeds
  9. Fantastic customer support – Mary Jane’s Garden
  10. Rare cannabis seed collection – Beaver Seeds
  11. Incognito payment options – Sunwest Genetics
  12. Great for high-CBD strains – Sonoma Seeds
  13. Fast shipping – Quebec Cannabis Seeds
  14. High-quality medical cannabis seeds – MJ Seeds

1. Seed Supreme – Best Seed Bank Overall


  • Free shipping if you spend over $90
  • Sells domestically grown seeds
  • Over 4000 strains
  • Deals, free items, and other promotions
  • Produces high-quality weed seeds]

Seed Supreme is a reputable seed bank based out of San Diego. It is one of the original cannabis seed banks where you can buy cannabis seeds online from weed produced on domestic soil.

Seed Supreme, the best cannabis seed bank, provides tons of male and female seeds in a variety of strings. They have autoflowering cannabis seeds and feminized cannabis seeds from homegrown farms in California and Colorado.

Together with their partner banks like DNA Genetics, Nirvana Seeds, and Sensi Seeds, you can buy cannabis seeds online with over 4000 choices of strains.

SeedSupreme often offers amazing deals and discounts, like BOGO deals on popular selling strains and flash sales. Unfortunately, the Seed Supreme germination guarantee does not exist.

Grab a BOGO Deal from SeedSupreme Today![f]

2. I Love Growing Marijuana – Great Germination Guarantee


  • 24/7 email support
  • Money-back germination guarantee
  • Beginner’s seed packets
  • VIP program for unique strains & discounts


  • Shipping locations are limited

Made famous by Robert Bergman and boasting a germination guarantee, I Love Growing Marijuana, or ILGM, is one of the best seed banks for education.

This famous marijuana seed bank offers free growing guides, growing journals, and links to local information, and a web forum for cannabis growing discussions. It is also one of the best cannabis seed banks that ship feminized seeds, auto flowering seeds, and regular seeds. It is also one of the best cannabis seed banks with excellent customer support.

With deals like “buy 10 and get 10 free”, it’s a nice place for a newcomer to visit and buy their first sample pack of cannabis seeds. The company also sells seed mix packs, complete grow sets, as well as old favorites like autoflowers, high THC strains, and feminized seeds.

The company is based in Amsterdam but has a California mailing address. ILGM, the best cannabis seed bank, offers shipping within a week, even for US customers, a wide variety of products, and a host of good reviews praising the customer support team.

The cannabis seed bank is a great option for new and experienced customers.

3. Homegrown Cannabis Co – Amazing Loyalty Program


  • Shipping to locations throughout the US
  • Solid number of strains and genetics
  • Sells various seed packs including autoflower, feminized, and mixed
  • Great free how-tos and lessons from experts


  • No international shipping

Though they’re new to the game, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has quickly gained a reputation as one of the best cannabis seed banks. Established by breeders with decades of experience, they have the expertise needed for high-quality cannabis cultivation.

As the best cannabis seed bank, the company was formed with a commitment to sustainable growing practices and a passion for horticulture. Since then, they’ve been delivering high-quality, handcrafted cannabis products.

When browsing through Homegrown Cannabis Co’s website, you’ll find a selection of over 500 strains. From feminized cannabis seeds to auto flowering cannabis seeds, you’ll find everything you need.

The best part? You’ll find amazing deals and discounts when you purchase cannabis seeds online

4. Seedsman – Works With Reputable Breeders


  • Great loyalty program
  • Partners with 110+ reputable breeders
  • As low as $6 per seed options
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Wide variety of seeds for sale


  • Strict return policy

Seedsman is a veteran with more than two decades of experience and a leader in introducing autoflowering genetics to the market. They have a diverse genetic library with hundreds of cannabis seeds for sale, offering one of the largest selections in the industry.

The brand works with over 110 trusted breeders, including famous names such as Dankonomics, Dutch Passion, and Amsterdam Genetics, to ensure customers get high-quality seeds. They also have their own genetics that they develop and improve.

Seedsman has a special Promotions page where they offer attractive deals such as Buy One Get One, Buy Three Get Three, and Buy Five Get Five on different strains and breeders.

They also host daily free seed contests on their social media platforms. For customers who buy in bulk, Seedsman gives a 10% discount on Bitcoin payments, adding more value to their products.

On top of that, Seedsman has a great loyalty program where you can earn extra points for signing up, making purchases, and celebrating your birthday! These points can be converted to dollars, and you can get a lot of free items, making Seedsman one of the best cannabis seed banks to shop from.

The company also offers a 60-day germination guarantee, or you get your money back. If you wait longer, you won’t be able to ask for a replacement. That makes sense, as seeds don’t last forever!

5. MSNL – Best Marijuana Seed Bank in Europe


  • In business since 1999
  • Stellar reputation
  • Free seeds with every order
  • Value packs for newcomers
  • High germination rate


  • Long shipping times outside of Europe
  • No free shipping available

Marijuana-Seeds.NL has an impressive history, dating back to 1999, and still manages to surprise us with deals – as much as 50 percent off, with a coupon code.

The cannabis seed bank not only offers a variety of cannabis seeds but a list of the top-selling seeds, just in case you want to know what everyone else is sampling.

MSNL is one of the best online seed banks that offer high-quality seeds, including feminized seeds, auto flowering seeds, regular seeds, and medicinal seeds compared to other seed banks.

The cannabis seed bank has also been highlighted on mainstream avenues such as THC Talk, High Times, and has won awards for its genetics.

With deals for free seeds around five seeds with most orders, depending on the coupon code, it’s a hard offer to pass up. There are also discounts for Bitcoin payments, and loyalty points for new purchases.

Based in the U.K. and founded while touring Australia, this is another European-centric option to consider when buying cannabis seeds online.

6. Crop King Seeds USA – Best Cannabis Seeds That Ship To USA


  • Over 15 years of experience
  • 80 percent germination rate
  • Guarantee for express deliveries
  • 200 retail locations, proving the store’s reputation
  • Live chat option 24/7 & toll-free number


  • Higher-than-average price
  • Not as much variety as competitors

Crop King Seeds, one of the online seed banks that ship to the USA, has earned a fine reputation over time, with clear credentials on the site and the company dating back to 2005. Crop King offers a large catalog of seeds (from CBD, to feminized seeds, and autoflower seeds) for personal, medical, and commercial growers.

Take your pick!

Crop King Seeds has 200 in-person stores, as well as a thriving online business making it one of the best marijuana seed banks. Crop King Seeds careful breeding techniques and diverse seeds make the company more of a quality collector than a quantity one.

The cannabis seed bank, Crop King Seeds, offers worldwide shipping with discreet and sealed product delivery. Crop King Seeds is one of the most trustworthy brands and best cannabis seed banks that ship to the USA you can count on if you live in the United States.

7. Blimburn Seeds – Premium Genetics


  • Diverse Strain Selection
  • Genetic innovation
  • Reputable seed back with a focus on quality assurance
  • Potential deals and promotions
  • Solid customer support


  • Complaints of shipping and delivery issues
  • May not sell most popular breeds

Originating from the heart of Spain, Blimburn Seed Bank has solidified its reputation as a prominent player in the cannabis seed industry.

Established by expert breeders who shared a deep love for the plant, the cannabis seed bank began as a labor of love, focusing on creating strains that not only deliver exceptional yields but also captivate the senses with intricate aromas, flavors, and effects.

One of the most enticing aspects of Blimburn Seed Bank is their commitment to innovation. Their breeding programs continually push the boundaries of cannabis genetics, resulting in novel and exciting strains of high-quality cannabis seeds.

For those seeking great value, the cannabis seed bank frequently offers deals and discounts that make their premium genetics even more accessible.

From exclusive deals and discounts on select strains to enticing bundle packages, Blimburn ensures that both novice and seasoned cultivators can embark on their cannabis-growing journey without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of rare genetics or a cultivator with an eye for exceptional yields, the cannabis seed bank offers an enticing gateway to a world of premium cannabis genetics.

8. Rocket Seeds – Best Deals on Cannabis Seeds


  • Large variety of strains, over 500
  • Lower-than-average prices
  • Fairly quick shipping for the U.S.
  • Discreet packaging
  • Breeder, and name brand, listed on labels


  • No money-back guarantee

Rocket Seeds, the best cannabis seed bank, offers what sounds like a great deal, with its 500 new strains, fast shipping worldwide, free shipping over $200, and the best quality seeds.

Does it sound familiar?

The Rocket Seeds seed bank does offer harder-to-find cannabis strains that other mainstream seed banks may not have.

This is because Rocket Seeds collaborate with a number of other online seed banks across the world. Rocket Seeds are not tough competition, but more of a helper to most seed banks and other sites we’ve reviewed.

But with deals like 10 free seeds with orders of $420, Rocket Seeds are hard to pass up when price comparing.

9. Mary Jane’s Garden – Best Seed Bank Customer Support


  • High-quality germination due to controlled environments
  • Complies with federal regulations for each state
  • Only sells high germination rate strains
  • Customer support via phone
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Not a huge variety of strains
  • Only sell cannabis seeds online

Mary Jane’s Garden is a relatively new Canadian company, launched in 2013. It has already developed a reputation for high-quality MJ seeds, including popular strains (White Widow, Crystal, Blueberry Diesel, Northern Lights), male and female seeds, and outdoor seeds with high germination rates.

As an online seed bank specializing in marijuana seeds, this Canadian seed bank provides fresh cannabis seeds of feminized seeds, auto flowering seeds, and regular cannabis seeds with an excellent germination guarantee.

Whether you want indoor or outdoor plants, or need stealth shipping in the United States, Mary Jane can get seeds delivered quickly and safely.

The MJ Garden, one of the cannabis seed banks online, specializes in superior genetics and a strict quality assurance protocol to make sure all seeds are of world-class quality.

In fact, they have perfected the science so well they claim their lower costs are due to better technology and production. At least you know that the guarantee of premium quality is real.

10. Beaver Seeds – Best Seed Bank for Rare Cannabis Seeds


  • Delivery guarantee with insurance
  • Faster shipping than usual, with a Canadian & US office
  • All orders shipped within 24 hours
  • Free seeds with orders above $420
  • Good customer service reviews, with a telephone line


  • No money-back guarantee besides lost seeds

Beaver Seeds, the best online seed bank, does a fine job of attracting readers, with its snappy design, colorful graphics, and most importantly, a host of featured strains, including regular, autoflower, feminized, best-sellers, premium seeds, and CBD seeds.

Dating back to 2009, Beaver Seeds, the Canadian online seed bank advertises their superior strain genetics, offering foreign, rare, and in-house varieties.

Despite Beaver Seeds being a newer seed bank, the company has competitive features like a phone  helpline, high germination rate, 24/7 online customer support team, fast and discreet shipping, and best of all, free shipping on many packages.

11. Sunwest Genetics – Best Incognito Cash Payment Option


  • Free shipping for orders over $200
  • Phone support
  • Cash-by-mail payment option
  • Bitcoin and credit card payments
  • 500 strains, good variety of cannabis seeds


  • Newer company

Sunwest Genetics seed bank is big, that’s for sure, and as one of the most reputable seed banks online, the company has the ability to ship worldwide.

There’s not only a delivery guarantee for you (with the express option), but also a guarantee in quality, maturity, and viability. This doesn’t mean your plant is guaranteed to grow, but that it meets the highest standard upon arrival.

Unlike most seed banks, Sunwest Genetics seed bank, one of the best online cannabis seed banks, offers feminized seeds and auto flowering seeds that provide high-yielding female cannabis plants with optimal germination guarantee. They also offer excellent customer support like other seed banks on this list.

It also helps that the company has over 500 strains available. Your seeds are likely to grow at home since the company actually explains what seeds are best for your region.


Reputable cannabis seed banks online like Sunwest Genetics offer branded shipping in Canada, and discreet shipping in other countries, hiding your weed seeds inside simple products like birthday cards, or other typical gift products. Paying by cash, which SWG offers, is the best way to avoid having your seeds seized in the mail.

12. Sonoma Seeds – Great for High-CBD Strains


  • 80% germination rate
  • 10 free cannabis seeds when spending over $420
  • Oer 500 strains available
  • CBD-heavy strains


  • Offer few deals and promotions

Hailing from the heart of British Columbia’s cannabis culture, Sonoma Seeds was established by a team of dedicated and experienced breeders drawing upon decades of combined knowledge to produce genetics that reflect the essence of the West Coast cannabis scene.

The seed bank takes great pride in creating strains that showcase the best attributes of each variety. This dedication to perfection is reflected in their meticulous breeding processes, which focus on enhancing desirable traits such as potency, flavor, aroma, and growth characteristics.

Sonoma Seeds understands the value of offering deals that make premium genetics accessible to a broader audience. These deals can encompass various offerings, such as discounted prices on select strains, bundle packages, or special seasonal promotions.

In addition to regular promotions, Sonoma Seeds often provides incentives for bulk purchases, rewarding growers who choose to invest in larger quantities of weed seeds.

The customer-centric approach of Sonoma Seeds extends beyond just deals. Exceptional customer service, discreet packaging, and a dedication to customer satisfaction are all part of the package when you choose to purchase from this reputable seed bank.

13. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Fast Shipping


  • Ships within 24 hours
  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Rare seed strains
  • Bulk deals


  • Credit card fees

From Montreal, Quebec, Quebec Cannabis Seeds started providing high-quality cannabis seeds in 2021. They are known for their top-quality customer service and high-quality autoflower strains.

All of their strains are sourced from the best breeders globally, and they offer a wide variety of strains to choose from, including feminized seeds, indoor and outdoor strains, and high CBD cannabis plants.

When you buy cannabis seeds online, QCS guarantees to send your shipment of products out within 24 hours, one of the quickest turnarounds in the cannabis seeds industry.

14. MJ Seeds – High-Quality Medical Cannabis Seeds


  • Sources from reputable seed banks
  • Ships cannabis seeds worldwide, with discreet delivery
  • Provide easily accessible customer service through phone, email, or chat
  • Orders over $200 come with free shipping
  • Free cannabis seeds when spending over $420


  • Shipping fees are expensive (when not free)
  • No information about refund policy or germination guarantee

Since 2009, MJ Seeds has been one of the best seed banks that ships to the US and internationally. The company offers a large selection of future cannabis plants, including feminized cannabis seeds, autoflowering cannabis seeds, Indica, Sativa, hybrid, rare seed strains, and even medical varieties.

The company provides plenty of deals and discounts on the best cannabis seeds. MJ Seeds often offer sales and promotions for high-quality seeds that ship to the USA. Also, they provide tracking and insurance options for your marijuana seeds delivery, with $20 or $40 shipping.

Customers also appreciate the company’s fast and discreet shipping, helpful customer service, and generous deals and freebies which may include free seeds and free shipping.

Best Online Seed Banks: FAQs

If you’re still scratching your head about ordering premium marijuana seeds, then maybe you’ll appreciate our answers to some of the most popular questions about the best seed banks.

Are There Any Cannabis Seed Banks in the US?

There are many cannabis seed banks in the US, and even more growers who work with these US seed banks. However, some of these banks have to do business cautiously and try their best to cooperate with recreational marijuana laws in the U.S.

For instance, in some states, adults are legally able to own marijuana seeds and cultivate a number of marijuana plants from seeds to cultivation. However, there are specific laws around transferring and maturing marijuana seeds.

Because of these challenges, there are many marijuana seed banks located in Canada and Europe that legally ship to U.S. postal addresses, thereby shifting the responsibility to the buyer.

Which Cannabis Seed Bank Has the Best Genetics?

All cannabis seed banks claim to have superior genetics… have you noticed that?

But our research has found that I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) has an excellent and consistent reputation for high-quality seeds, backed by a 100 percent, money-back guarantee on marijuana seeds.

They are so confident of their seeds’ quality, they also include instructions and free books for growing support.

How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last For?

How long cannabis seeds last for depends on who you ask. Some claim their marijuana seeds can last years if they’re kept refrigerated and cared for.

Others claim they will go bad within 6-12 months. It depends on the quality of the genetics, the conditions the seeds are kept in, and if they’re prevented from cracking.

Ideally, when you buy marijuana seeds online, it’s best to put them in a room with cool and dry conditions, no odors, and minimal lighting.

What Is the Strongest Strain of Indica?

The title for the strongest strain of indica comes with fierce competition.

For the best in high THC content, look for weed strains like ChemDawg and Aurora, from sites like Seedsman, or the 90 percent Skywalker OG from I Love Growing Marijuana.

Indica, the preferred choice of many, serious marijuana connoisseurs for its full-bodied effects, is the stout and bushy kind that most buyers want.

Best Seed Banks Reddit Users Love

When it comes to online seed banks, Reddit users love to talk about their experiences ordering cannabis seeds from some of the best seed banks that ship to the USA and beyond.

Browsing Reddit showed us that many Redditors choose ILGM and Seed Supreme as their best marijuana seed bank companies that ship to the USA.

With multiple cannabis strains including cheap cannabis seeds, payment methods, and discreet US shipping, it’s easy to see why these cannabis seed banks[p] came out on top.

The Best Online Seed Banks: Final Thoughts

It’s a close call for sure, and the truth is that opinionated buyers have strong opinions about germination quality, ease of growth, and genetic advantage.

Our research, however, determined that Seed Supreme and ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) stand out above the rest. This is based on a consensus of reviews, list of features, and customer-friendly policies, not just smoking it all in our basement!

Their germination guarantee policies, longstanding history and great reputation in the cannabis cultivator sector helped us narrow down what was a tough battle between many worthy competitors.

Why not sample a starter pack today and see how much easier it is to grow MJ than you ever thought?

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