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Buy HGH Online USA – [$50 Coupon] – Where and How to Buy HGH Guide

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Today, human growth hormone (HGH) is one of the leading players in the anti-aging and bodybuilding arenas. It’s no secret that HGH injections have become the go-to for those looking to freeze the clock and keep their youthful and toned physique for longer.

This article is a tell-all about HGH, its health benefits for your look and feel, dosing and protocols, cost, best reputable brands of growth hormone injections, reliable suppliers and where to get a $50 deal on your first HGH purchase!

Benefits of HGH — Looking Fresh & Feeling Young

Human growth hormones do wonders for our bodies. As it is naturally produced in our bodies, especially in children, we know how much it helps to boost all the processes in our system, from skin regeneration to speeding up basal metabolic rate.

So, with HGH injections, here’s what you can expect:

  • unstoppable growth of your muscles, bones, hair, and nails
  • skin rejuvenation and faster muscle recovery
  • faster fat and carbohydrate metabolism, making fat loss much easier
  • better performance due to collagen synthesis
  • a fresher look and more energy

And just like that, by keeping your growth hormone production high, we’re full of energy and looking our best.

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How to Choose an HGH Brand? 5 Factors to Consider

When looking for a reliable HGH supplier, we don’t recommend you neglect thorough research. And to help you ensure that you’re getting a safe, authentic and effective product, here are the 5 factors we advise considering when looking for an HGH supplier:

1. Purity — HGH’s efficacy is linked to its purity. The purer the product, the better it can bind to our receptors, which means better results. Usually, >95% purity is a good number to aim at.

2. Price — pharma-grade HGH typically costs more due to supply chain overheads, which we discuss later in this article. So, look for HGH from online suppliers over pharmacies to get a lower price.

3. Reputable manufacturer — look for popular and experienced pharmaceutical brands with a solid market presence and lots of positive feedback from customers.

4. Anti-counterfeiting measures — original HGH products often come with holograms and unique serial numbers so that customers can ensure they are not fake products. Brands such as Zptropin, Spectros, and Genotropin, which we review today, also feature these for your safety.

5. Trustworthy seller — a great seller is the one offering a wide range of verifiable products from the best brands on the market. Of course, it will also have amazing reviews and helpful customer service. An example of a trustworthy and reliable HGH seller is has an excellent reputation for selling authentic HGH products from a great brand range. Their customer support is also very helpful — you can contact them to get recommendations on the product and administration to perfectly match your goal.

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3 Best HGH Brands to Get Today

With so many options on the market, it’s easy to feel lost or get a low-quality product. So let us help you with choosing high-quality HGH! Here are our 3 favorites on today’s market — Zptropin, Spectros and Genotropin.

Zptropin — Highest Ingredient Purity Level

HGH from Zptropin is one of the most popular injectable growth hormone products on the market. Here’s some info about this brand’s HGH:

  • one of the highest quality — 99.93% purity level
  • comes in powder vials (needs reconstitution before use)
  • 10 vials/pack, 16 IU each
  • product is verifiable at

Zptropin’s HGH is available in a price range from $2.41 to $2.47 (per 1 IU), which gives you an amazing quality-to-price ratio.

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Spectros — The Most Budget-Friendly Option

Spectros’ injectable growth hormone is another favorite of ours — it is easy to use, and the brand’s reputation as a trustworthy HGH manufacturer is long-standing.

Here’s what you get with this product:

The price of 1 IU of growth hormones from Spectros is just $2.11, which gives this product a well-deserved pole position among the most affordable HGH with exceptional quality.

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Genotropin — Pen Form for Maximum Convenience



Genotropin offers one of the most convenient HGH administration methods. Here’s what you need to know about this product:

  • comes as a pen
  • designed with Goquick technology for easy administration
  • 36 IU per pen

The cost of one pen is about $195, which is $5.42 per 1 IU. This may be expensive, but the convenience is definitely worth it!

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HGH Cost Breakdown

If you’re considering HGH therapy, it’s crucial to understand the potential financial commitment before you start. Since it’s something you’ll have to stick to for months or even years, it’s better to be prepared for the upcoming expense.

How Much Will It Cost Me Per Month?

Of course, your monthly total will vary depending on the product you use and the place you buy it — online or at a pharmacy. So let us give you an approximate monthly cost range, considering that the average pharmacy price of HGH in the USA is $40-50 per IU:

HGH for bodybuilding:

  • average dose range: 4-6 IU
  • monthly cost range: $4,800 to $9,000

HGH for weight loss:

  • average dose range: 2-3 IU
  • monthly cost range: $2,400 to $4,500

HGH for anti-aging:

  • average dose range: 1-3 IU
  • monthly cost range: $1,200 and $4,500

Of course, you can stick to lower doses in pursuit of cutting the expenses, but be aware that the effect won’t be as strong as with recommended dosing. So it’s better to look for ways to cut down the cost in different ways, such as by choosing general products rather than pharma-grade ones.

Why Does HGH Cost SO MUCH in the US?

The price difference in HGH prices on the US market is quite significant — the products can be pretty affordable or shockingly pricey. But why so?

Well, some factors can raise the price quite high, like brand, dosing, etc. Yet the factor that increases the price the most is the distribution channel, or where you buy HGH: online or at a pharmacy.

In the US, HGH costs are higher due to the complex healthcare system, which involves PBMs and various insurance company fees. This creates a long supply chain, each link of which requires additional cost. So when the product reaches a pharmacy, it ends up costing several times more than it did originally.

How to Save on High-Quality HGH?

Don’t lose hope just yet, we have a solution on how to find more affordable HGH without sacrificing product quality. And the key is to buy HGH online.

Reliable online HGH suppliers like offer an amazing product range for HGH, featuring top pharma brands, but without the huge markup you’ll see in pharmacies.

Because an online store buys HGH from manufacturers directly, they don’t have to pay PBM or insurance fees. This allows them to sell HGH at much lower prices, $2-5 per IU, compared to $40-50 pharma-grade, which saves you thousands of dollars monthly! And you still get the hormone of a remarkable quality.

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How HGH Helps With Bodybuilding and Weight Loss

HGH therapy has several purposes, some of which are health-related. For example, growth hormone deficiency is a serious issue affecting the human body’s growth. It occurs because of pituitary gland dysfunction and prevents children from timely bone, skin and cell generation. And in adults, it causes the consequent health issues and an overall feeling of weakness.

However, there are other areas where the human growth hormone has become widely used, like bodybuilding. Because HGH stimulates cell production and collagen synthesis, HGH injections are a life-saver for competing bodybuilders and amateur athletes taking care of their physique and performance.

In particular, here’s what the hormone gives you physique-wise:

  • muscle mass and muscle strength growth — you build lean muscle mass more easily and faster
  • quick muscle recovery — you become more productive with your workouts because of fast recovery
  • effortless fat loss — you lose body fat while eating more, allowing you to feed the new lean muscle mass without gaining more fat
  • better performance — you feel more energized and, overall, stronger even during a cut

So, whether you’re bulking or cutting, human growth hormone is a turbo boost at every stage of your fitness journey!

HGH’s Irreplaceable Anti-Aging Properties

Besides treating HGH deficiency, human growth hormone is also a great helper for age-related HGH decline. Because a child is constantly growing, its HGH levels are high. But as we get older, it declines, causing wrinkles, dull skin, breaky nails, weight gain, muscle loss, and other not-so-pleasant changes.

In pursuit of slowing down these changes and keeping their youthful appearance, adults start taking HGH injections. And here’s what they experience as they increase their human growth hormone levels:

  • muscle growth and tone preservation
  • skin rejuvenation (thicker, more hydrated skin with fewer wrinkles)
  • healthier (thicker, better-textured hair) hair
  • stronger bones with lower osteoporosis risk
  • energy and mood lift
  • deeper, more restorative sleep quality

With this being said, HGH therapy is not just a well-marketed thing — it gives you a major physical and mental makeover, keeping you feeling and looking fresh even as you get older.

HGH Dosage For Bodybuilding, Weight Loss, and Anti-Aging

HGH injections’ dosages and protocols depend on many things, like what you’re aiming for with your intake, how your body reacts to HGH replacement therapy, your age, initial HGH levels, and others. Still, there are some particular goal-based protocols that are most commonly prescribed — let’s review them.

HGH for bodybuilding:

  • dose: 4-6 IU daily (split into two)
  • intake length: from a few weeks to months

However, bodybuilders often take human growth hormone (HGH) along with an anabolic steroid cycle. This means that your dose may be adjusted depending on the stack, and your human growth hormone intake will last 10-12 weeks since it’s a usual anabolic steroid cycle length. But you can continue taking HGH afterward, just make sure to figure out the suitable dosing.

HGH for body fat loss:

  • dose: 2-3 IU of human growth hormone daily
  • intake length: from a few weeks to months

Since the main benefit of HGH for weight loss is that it speeds up your metabolism, note that it will take you at least several weeks to notice the first results.

HGH for anti-aging:

  • dose: 1-3 IU of HGH daily
  • intake length: from a few months to years

Taking injectable HGH for rejuvenation is usually a long-term commitment since our human growth hormone levels decline naturally with age. Accordingly, the dose may be adjusted as years go by.

HGH Supplements vs HGH Injections — What’s the Difference?

Today, you will find HGH for sale in all shapes and forms. But we understand the confusion you might be feeling — should I go for supplements, HGH injections, pens, or something else?

So, let us break down the pros and cons of the most popular types of human growth hormone products, particularly HGH supplements and HGH injections.

HGH Supplements — Less Effective But Convenient


  • oral form, so no injections are needed
  • easy to carry and use on the go


  • lower HGH concentration, hence less effective than injectable HGH
  • might be more expensive
  • high risk of buying fake human growth hormone from scammers

HGH Injections — High Effectiveness and Precise Dosing


  • enters the bloodstream directly, hence fast-acting
  • proven to be effective
  • precise and adjustable dosing
  • some forms, like pens, are easy and convenient to use


  • injections can be painful or uncomfortable
  • can be more difficult to buy
  • requires more medical oversight than supplements

As you can see, some factors like effectiveness play a huge role in choosing between these two types of HGH administration. We can recommend HGH injections over supplements since they guarantee better results and allow for dosing adjustment according to your particular goal and needs.

What to Know Before Taking HGH — Contraindications and Side Effects

Before starting HGH injections, it’s important to be aware of potential side effects and contraindications. Here’s a brief overview of these to give you a heads-up.


  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • obesity
  • respiratory conditions

Potential side effects:

  • bloating — HGH injections may cause your body to retain water
  • increased risk of cancer — hormone replacement therapy has cell-generating properties, so there’s a concern that it could potentially stimulate the growth of cancerous cells
  • gynecomastia — also known as “man boobs,” this condition can develop due to hormonal changes in the human body when you take HGH

While these are the potential side effects HGH users may experience, you can minimize the risk of their occurrence by following the exact HGH protocol and dosing per your prescription.

Wrapping Up

The human growth hormone therapy is an amazing solution if you want to ramp up your well-being, both physical and mental. It has a lot of benefits for your skin, nails, hair, muscles, and fat percentage, as well as your athletic performance and daily energy levels.

But because of its recognized benefits and, hence, popularity, there are many scammers pushing fake HGH products online. To avoid becoming their consumer, be sure to choose a trustworthy growth hormone supplier, like sells original products from the best HGH manufacturers and offers amazing customer support in case you have any questions.

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Happy shopping and rejuvenation!

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