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Lara Markthaler offers a glimpse of her daily training routine

Lara Markthaler is a professional athlete in mountain biking and ski-racing.

Courtest of Lara Markthaler
Courtest of Lara Markthaler

It’s no secret that training brings perfection by ensuring that one gets used to a particular activity. Here, Lara Markthaler, a young professional athlete and new-gen icon, opens up about her intense training regimen.

Lara Markthaler is a professional athlete in mountain biking and ski-racing. Born in Munich, Germany, in 2007, Markthaler is fortunate enough to have her parents back and support her throughout her formal training for MTB and ski races. She revealed that a large chunk of her training regimen revolves around cross-country skiing. She says, “XC skiing is a natural cross-over for mountain bikers during winters. It is outdoors, on trails, and very physical. It is also a crucial full-body workout. For many years, Nordic has been one of the go-to off activities for me.”

Lara Markthaler further reveals that she also practices downhill skiing during her training. She says that it can be a better cross-training option compared to Nordic when it is more gravity inclined. The chairlift, steepness, and speed at the top of local ski resorts are common to downhill racers. Learning to be comfortable at high speeds pays off when she gets back to mountain biking.

Lara Markthaler says that running is also a significant drill in her regimen. Although running is slightly trickier in winters, it is a quick and efficient workout that plays a significant role. Moreover, she also suggests climbing as one of her practices. According to her, climbing requires upper body strength and core strength as well as the precision of movement during physical stress.

Markthaler finishes off her regimen with indoor training. She says that it is only riding a bike that replicates the required fitness to ride a bike in professional sports. “This can be easily achieved through indoor trainers,” she explains.

To sum it up, it is evident that Lara Markthaler’s intense training program is not for the faint-hearted. Yet, it is what drives and pushes her to become better with each passing day.