Yo! developer’s Mirage app does photo blasts, too

Yo! developer’s Mirage app does photo blasts, too

Where Yo! shoots a short text blast to a contact, Mirage, developed by Mobli, sends out a short picture blast

An image with text sent via Mirage (Photo credit: Courtesy)
An image with text sent via Mirage (Photo credit: Courtesy)

For easy communication, there’s the Yo! app, which lets you connect with one of your contacts and send a one-word message to let you know you’re thinking of them – with just a single tap.

What if you could send a thousand words – or better, a photo – with that single tap? Now you can. Moshe Hogeg, one of the co-authors and backers of Yo!, last month released Mirage, a stand-alone camera messaging app that lets users send photo “messages” that show up on a contact’s phone for just a moment, before disappearing.

Mirage works not only with photos, but with videos as well. The app lets you take a photo or video and sends it out in real time to a contact – or as many contacts as you want. You can add text as well. The photo or video message shows up on the recipient’s device and stays there for a few seconds, before fading away.

Mirage is a product of Hogeg’s “day job,” as head of Mobli, a veteran Israeli video tech start-up. With Mobli’s app, users can quickly record and upload photos and videos on their mobile devices to the site’s servers, where others can check them out. Thus, if a New York Mets fan is watching the baseball game at Citi Field, they can shoot video and upload it in real time (assuming, of course, they have permission from Mets management and MLB). The video will appear on Mobli’s site, where other Mets fans who can’t watch the game will be able to see what is going on for themselves. Users can search for events and follow other users, getting alerts every time they upload something.

Mobli’s tech was interesting enough for none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, the Hollywood star, to sink $4 million into the company in 2011. When DiCaprio speaks, celebrities listen – and his investment in the company inspired other A-list types, most notably actor Toby Maguire and tennis star Serena Williams, to invest in the company as well.

“Our vision as a company has always been to bring people together through visual content,” said Hogeg. “We built Mirage as a messaging tool to extend our natural daily conversations that in real life are simple and unrecorded. The technology enables us to send temporary messages to anyone without being limited to the ecosystem of the app.”

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