Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo welcomed a new arrival: Ziv, an Asian lion imported from Sweden.

Ziv made his debut at the zoo in late January, and the public was invited to meet him for the first time on Friday.

In a video posted online by the zoo ahead of the lion’s public debut, Ziv can be seen coming out of the stone shelter inside his enclosure and basking in the Israeli sun for the first time since he was brought to Jerusalem.

“Here’s the first outing for Ziv, the Biblical Zoo’s new Asian lion, who arrived from Sweden,” reads the description accompanying the video.

“He’s a bit confused from the transfer and shocked by the Jerusalem sun.”

At first, Ziv can be seen hesitantly sticking a paw out, then slowly moving from the cool shade of the shelter out onto the sunlit grass.

He is then seen giving a little roar and prancing about the grassy enclosure, tail wagging animatedly.

Ziv then takes a curious look around the enclosure before slowly making his way back to the shade with graceful, measured steps.

“He’s definitely glorious and beautiful,” the description read.

Asian lions originate in the Indian subcontinent, and today are mostly concentrated in the city of Gujarat — as well as in zoos around the world.