Buses idle as strike reaches Day Five

Buses idle as strike reaches Day Five

Trains get back to work, but buses taking day off; labor leader and finance minister to meet in court at 10 a.m.

A general strike across Israel entered its fifth day Sunday, after labor leaders and the Finance Ministry failed to come to turns Saturday night.

Trains, which have been closed since Wednesday, will be back in service, but some 70 percent of bus drivers from the Egged and Dan companies will strike, severely hampering people’s ability to travel, Yedioth Ahronoth reporter.

Buses have been running throughout the four-day strike until now.

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and Histadrut labor federation leader Ofer Eini have conducted meetings for the entirety of Saturday night, and continue to negotiate a resolution to the subcontractor issue that triggered a general strike on Wednesday.

The general strike has paralyzed Israel’s garbage removal service.  Streets across the country are covered in refuse, to the disgust of residents and tourists alike.

The sides are expected to meet at the National Labor Court in Jerusalem at 10 a.m., where Judge Nili Arad may order the strike ended, or give the sides more time.

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