An explosion occurred Friday evening near an IDF unit that was patrolling the Israeli-Syrian border in the area of Mount Hermon, in the northern Golan Heights.

There were no injuries among the soldiers nor any damage to their vehicle. A larger IDF force was called to the scene to investigate.

Initial reports indicated that it was unclear whether the explosion was the result of a planned attack. Furthermore, authorities were not certain as of Friday night that it had occurred on Israeli soil.

The IDF has ruled out the possibility of mortar fire from Syria, reported Ynet. Sporadic mortar shells have landed on the Israeli side of the border in recent months, presumed spillover from that country’s nearly three-year-old civil war.

Earlier Friday, Israeli prosecutors filed charges against a Druze resident of the Golan for passing information on IDF movements to Syria. According to the indictment, Rafat Halabi, 28, crossed into Syria three months ago to join the Bashar Assad regime in its fight against opposition rebels.