The IDF spent over an hour desperately searching for a female soldier believed to be kidnapped during Friday’s clash with terrorists on the Egyptian border, only to discover that she had hidden behind a bush during the firefight.

More details of the incident were revealed on Monday, including reports that one soldier broke rank when members of the Israel Defense Forces’ co-ed Caracal battalion sprang into action to engage three terrorists who had ambushed a group of soldiers on the border.

The IDF is investigating the soldier, who reportedly claimed she didn’t open fire because she feared that from her position, it might cause a friendly-fire incident.

The female soldier, who has not been named, hid behind a bush during the fierce engagement in which one soldier was killed and another injured. All three terrorists were killed by IDF troops, and much praise has been lavished on another female soldier,  who charged into battle and killed one of the infiltrators.

Initial reports suggest that the incident began when the terrorists ambushed a unit of artillery soldiers who were patrolling the border area together with members of the Caracal unit.

As the patrol vehicle came under fire the female soldier who was later thought to have been kidnapped radioed her base to report the clash and request assistance. As her comrades began a charge toward the enemy, the soldier abandoned the fight and hid behind the wheel of the patrol Humvee. As one of the terrorists took aim in her direction she sought the cover of a large bush.

Reinforcements arrived and after 15 minutes the battle was over. Nonetheless, the soldier, who has an exemplary service record according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Office, remained hidden. Units in the area began a frantic search her in the belief she may have been kidnapped or injured. After nearly an hour and a half the soldier was discovered.

IDF commanders have been quick to praise the Caracal unit, which is composed of both male and female soldiers who serve in equal combat roles.